My name is Mišo Babić and I was born in Munich, where I live and work. 

My journey as a holistic coach began with my own self-knowledge. I have always been interested in human behaviour, which led me to study psychology. However, I could not deal with my own emotional world myself. Although I “worked” on my personality development, I did not succeed in escaping from my own negative thoughts.

On a recommendation, I attended a coaching course for the first time, where I had a deep, holistic self-experience by working through my negative beliefs. This experience changed my hitherto existing awareness about myself and the world. My own self-knowledge caused a complete life change, filled with more joy, clarity, presence and self-love. I turned completely to the exploration of my being and my person. Attending further courses helped me to continue to get to know myself better by working through my issues and through this I was able to dissolve further unconscious burdens.

Afterwards I came into contact with quantum healing for the first time. I also got an insight into what quantum energy healing methods can do and experienced physical and spiritual healing through these methods.

I became more and more aware that the human being consists of a holistic system of body, mind and soul. Using the different methods, I felt a steady improvement in my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Sceptical and curious, I got involved with the healing methods, as previously conventional medical methods had not brought any clear physical improvements. Back pain that plagued me for most of my life was resolved with the help of energy healing.
In order to understand these various experiences, a period of intensive self-study followed in the fields of: ontology, personality development, quantum healing, quantum hypnosis, life coaching, quantum physics, epigenetics, spirituality, communication and many more.
The insights that came with this sparked an irrepressible passion to deepen this knowledge and use it to help other people. Thanks to my curiosity, I completed a variety of different courses and trainings in which I was able to acquire many techniques that enable me to apply these methods effectively.
Through my experience I see myself empowered to help people so that they too can bring out their full power.

The goal is not only to discover your full potential, but also to live it consciously!

Be the creator of your life!

Do you want a profound change in your life? Do you want to come into your own power and discover your full potential? Do you want to stop being a victim of your circumstances? Then decide now and take responsibility for your life!

Family, relationship, personal development, finances, career, spirituality or support with important decisions.

A journey to yourself for more clarity in life & to dissolve negative connections from this or past lives.

bqh hypnose

Activation of your self-healing powers & restoration of your balance on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Straightening of the spine & pelvic obliquity for improved health & well-being.


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