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How can 3holistic coaching help you?

Since the human being consists of the 3 levels of body, mind and soul, 3holistic – Coaching uses different methods to uncover and dissolve blockages. Many people are not aware of the causes of their problems. They live in the trap of dissatisfaction without knowing what they can do to change these things. 

With 3holistic – Coaching an awareness is created that is meant to empower you to come into your power on your own. Through your self-awareness you will be empowered to draw more and more from your full potential and to deal with everyday events more easily. You will be helped to free yourself from your blockages in order to gain more self-determination. Because you already have the answers to all your questions inside you! 3holistic helps you to discover them.

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Coaching philosophy

The goal is not only to discover your full potential, but also to live it consciously!

Be the creator of your life!

Do you want a profound change in your life? Do you want to come into your own power and discover your full potential? Do you want to stop being a victim of your circumstances? Then decide now and take responsibility for your life!

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+49 172 633 94 96
+49 172 633 94 96

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Your goal is to move through your life with lasting personal or professional success, whether you want to solve conflicts or develop skills. Even if you have already gained experience and tried things out, with the help of a coach you will always come to new insights that can inspire you on your path and help you to achieve new successes.

A life coach is there to help clients find confidence, courage and clarity within themselves. He encourages, inspires and guides clients further than before so that they can create their best life. A coach can quickly and skillfully create an environment by helping clients identify their blind spots (beliefs, fears, doubts that hold them back) and help them overcome internal and external obstacles to happiness and fulfilment.

Here is a small part of my coaching:

My expertise lies in uncovering unconscious behaviour, actions or thinking. By becoming aware, the client gets to know himself better. With the help of coaching, thoughts in everyday life can be discovered independently. Potentials become more conscious, thoughts clearer and calmer. As a result, new possibilities for action emerge. Doubts are reduced and goals can be better defined. Through my own self-awareness, I am able to put myself in my client’s learning process and support them in the best possible way.

No. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge for any of the methods. What you need is the willingness to engage in the process and to relinquish your control, which you can have at any given time and approach (coaching, BQH, QH).

No. Belief in energies, religion or spirituality is not required. Except for life coaching, energy and quantum healing are only based on metaphysical knowledge. Belief in religion, spirituality is not necessary to achieve effects.

In life coaching, unconscious behaviour is made conscious. Over time, new, intentional behaviour is practised. This makes it possible to deal more consciously with one’s own thoughts and to achieve a lasting reorientation.

With BQH, contact is made with the superconscious. Karmic connections or past traumas (also from past lives) can be dissolved. Thus healing can take place on a much deeper level.

In energy healing, quantum healing & spinal upliftment are simple methods, as the client usually receives energy passively, which activates their self-healing powers. This removes layers of burdens and thus enables one’s own further development.

I can advise you on which method is best for your topic.


If you suffer from acute health or mental illnesses, I recommend that you see a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Likewise, the kind of healing work I offer serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

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