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Since the human being consists of the 3 levels of body, mind and soul, 3holistic – Coaching uses different methods to uncover and dissolve blockages. Many people are not aware of the causes of their problems. They live in the trap of dissatisfaction without knowing what they can do to change these things. 

With 3holistic – Coaching an awareness is created that is meant to empower you to come into your power on your own. Through your self-awareness you will be empowered to draw more and more from your full potential and to deal with everyday events more easily. You will be helped to free yourself from your blockages in order to gain more self-determination. Because you already have the answers to all your questions inside you! 3holistic helps you to discover them.

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BQH Quantum-Hypnosis


Spinal straightening


BQH Quantum-Hypnosis


Spinal straightening

Coaching philosophy

The goal is not only to discover your full potential, but also to live it consciously!

Be the creator of your life!

Do you want a profound change in your life? Do you want to come into your own power and discover your full potential? Do you want to stop being a victim of your circumstances? Then decide now and take responsibility for your life!

What my customers say

  • Miracles happen again and again!

    Jana - Coaching, Quantum Healing & BQH Quantum-Hypnosis
    I cannot thank Miso enough for this very special experience I had with hypnosis and quantum healing. Due to a very mixed childhood and as a child of divorce, which was predominantly characterised by absent parents, I have used therapeutic treatments again and again for many years, devoured numerous books and also attended several seminars. Many things were passable and helped me on my way, some were useless, some were really grandiose and gave me personal growth experiences that I no longer want to miss. My experiences with quantum hypnosis and quantum healing on the part of Miso Babic are also directed at the latter group. It is difficult to say what motivated me to use hypnosis at that time. But it was preceded by a long period of anxiety and panic attacks. I was a bit sceptical at first, but thanks to his I had no problems whatsoever to get involved in the session and to open up. Ergo, I booked several sessions to shed light on and address exactly my fears, which have been with me for a long time. After the first appointment, I didn't really know to what extent it would be worth it or whether it would work at all. I was all the more surprised when I realised that something was changing in my life. My inner strength and confidence came back. My faith and confidence constantly increased. This was much more in line with my own temperament. I also experience a primal trust in a creative force that can heal everything, physically and mentally. Until then I would never have believed that there was a healing method that uses energetic influences to reach, dissolve and also heal deeply rooted experiences, negative experiences, blockages and traumas. A very big thank you to Miso for his commitment and also for the clear words he always found. A service that I can now recommend without reservation! I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience! What do they say? Miracles happen again and again.
  • Impressive!

    Teodora - Quantum Healing
    I must first admit that I was very sceptical when I first heard about quantum healing, as I had neither enough knowledge about it nor practical experience with such an approach. After our first session, when I had the opportunity to make sure that it was really possible to change my physical condition in this way, I was impressed and almost disbelieving for a long time. My first treatment with you contributed to the immediate relief of extremely severe headaches, as well as increasing my overall life energy. In the following treatments, the same thing always happened: the pain I had been feeling until then (head, muscles, legs and neck) disappeared and I would just "bubble" with energy, my mood improved as a result. I want to thank you for opening a new chapter in my life, for your selfless time and contribution to improving my physical condition. I would recommend your methods to anyone who wants to broaden their horizons, with a focus on improving their psychophysical state, using quantum healing. What amazed me the most was that no matter where you are on the planet - here I would like to mention that physically we have always been more than 1000 km away from each other and what was a great revelation for me - that no proximity is necessary for this kind of treatment! I wish you all the best for your future work and look forward to our next session. Sincerely
  • The joy of living is back!

    Laura - Coaching
    Hello dear Miso, I am sending you a testimonial of the last few days. The time and energy you have invested in me has transformed my perspective and way of thinking into "clarity". However, this was only the beginning of my transformation. My task now is to stay on the ball and continue to develop in this way. A lot has happened in me in terms of understanding. Many things now make more sense. Nevertheless, I feel a great urge for more information. The journey has now begun and I feel ready to pursue it more deeply. The appointments with you have shown me that I am capable of much. The joy of life has now awakened me! The fear of loneliness is no longer there. For I am not alone! Loneliness is only a mythological thought. I no longer allow negative thoughts to enter my head. For any information I am grateful to you from deep within! You have helped and will continue to help many people with your work.
  • A profound experience!

    Tessa - Quantum-Healing, Energetic spine straightening
    Dear Miso, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the profound experience I had with you. I have been searching for the path to my inner self since I was very young. I had a great longing to find my connection with my Higher Self. I had an image of being connected, being one with everything that is and feeling happy and complete within myself, independent of other people and the circumstances of my life. This drove me to introspection, to the realisation of working on my thoughts, feelings and issues, to explore and expand my consciousness. Over the last few years I have tried a lot of things. It has mostly been a hard road and I have realised that when I face my issues and work on them, there is always a gift waiting ☺. Working with you has shown me that it can also be simple and quick ☺. I have never solved an issue so quickly and then sustainably!!! After the first session I was like on cloud nine. My channel was open again. I had arrived at myself after a long time. I could feel myself and my power more strongly than I had in a long time. I already knew this feeling, I just hadn't felt it for a long time. But one thing was different this time, and that was that this connection remained. I was in this state of bliss and gratitude for days. It didn't fade or disappear after hours or days like it usually does. I am back on my track and have my path crystal clear. My insecurities are gone. I am no longer plagued by doubts. I have arrived at myself, I feel happy, powerful and complete. You have made my "inner motor" run. I am grateful and connected to you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure you will help many people on their way. All the best, Tessa
  • Finally free of pain

    Anna - Spine straightening
    It was so wonderful to work with Miso. The treatment was gentle and amazingly fast. I have suffered from back pain for 20 years and even had surgery for a herniated disc. Around the time of our healing session, I had extreme difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. I almost had to call an ambulance because I couldn't get up. After a single treatment with Miso, I was able to roll over at night without screaming in pain, and in the morning I could practically jump out of bed. Until that moment, I didn't realise how much my pain dictated my happiness, because the day after his treatment, I finally woke up happy.


My name is Misho Babich. I was born in 1980 in Munich, where I have always lived. After completing my psychology studies, I turned to myself to gain a deeper understanding of my experience and behaviour. In the process, I was able to discover many unconscious behavioural patterns, which I was able to dissolve with the help of coaching, quantum hypnosis and quantum healing. My own self-knowledge has sparked a deep passion to help other people master their everyday life with ease.

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+49 172 633 94 96
+49 172 633 94 96

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Your goal is to move through your life with lasting personal or professional success, whether you want to solve conflicts or develop skills. Even if you have already gained experience and tried things out, with the help of a coach you will always come to new insights that can inspire you on your path and help you to achieve new successes.

A life coach is there to help clients find confidence, courage and clarity within themselves. He encourages, inspires and guides clients further than before so that they can create their best life. A coach can quickly and skillfully create an environment by helping clients identify their blind spots (beliefs, fears, doubts that hold them back) and help them overcome internal and external obstacles to happiness and fulfilment.

Here is a small part of my coaching:

My expertise lies in uncovering unconscious behaviour, actions or thinking. By becoming aware, the client gets to know himself better. With the help of coaching, thoughts in everyday life can be discovered independently. Potentials become more conscious, thoughts clearer and calmer. As a result, new possibilities for action emerge. Doubts are reduced and goals can be better defined. Through my own self-awareness, I am able to put myself in my client’s learning process and support them in the best possible way.

No. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge for any of the methods. What you need is the willingness to engage in the process and to relinquish your control, which you can have at any given time and approach (coaching, BQH, QH).

No. Belief in energies, religion or spirituality is not required. Except for life coaching, energy and quantum healing are only based on metaphysical knowledge. Belief in religion, spirituality is not necessary to achieve effects.

In life coaching, unconscious behaviour is made conscious. Over time, new, intentional behaviour is practised. This makes it possible to deal more consciously with one’s own thoughts and to achieve a lasting reorientation.

With BQH, contact is made with the superconscious. Karmic connections or past traumas (also from past lives) can be dissolved. Thus healing can take place on a much deeper level.

In energy healing, quantum healing & spinal upliftment are simple methods, as the client usually receives energy passively, which activates their self-healing powers. This removes layers of burdens and thus enables one’s own further development.

I can advise you on which method is best for your topic.


If you suffer from acute health or mental illnesses, I recommend that you see a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Likewise, the kind of healing work I offer serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

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